The Acts of the Evangelists

In this competitive strategy game, travel back to the 1st century Roman Empire to compose the texts that history will know as the Christian Gospels.  Journey to different cities and claim traditions about Jesus of Nazareth, and write them into the pages of your gospel, then interview the eyewitnesses to the stories to strengthen your text.  Combine eyewitness testimony, literary devices, and themes to score well and write the best gospel of all!

2-5 players, Ages 10+, 15 minutes per player


The Acts of the Evangelists is sold out.  We have no plans to reprint.  The Print-and-Play version of the game is still available.

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“This game is incredibly memorable…a game that has a lot of respect for what it’s trying to do…I really enjoyed it, Seal of Approval!” – Chris Yi, The Dice Tower (Video review with rules overview)

“[Evangelists] produces a lucid and mechanically clever expression of the difficulties of history-making. The result is both engaging and illuminating.”  “The Synoptic Solution”, Dan Thurot, SPACE-BIFF!

“I love the way the game plays; it’s interesting…I dig it.” -Jason Smith, BoardGameMechanics (Video (w/playthrough))

“[We] thought this game had a lot of nifty things going on, including a follow mechanic that kept us engaged on the other’s turn.” -Jenn the Board Game Librarian (Review)


Each copy of The Acts of the Evangelists includes:

  • 1 cloth board
  • 6 player pawns and 24 player cubes
  • 15 status cubes
  • 9 eyewitness discs
  • 72 tradition cards
  • 36 witness interview cards
  • 6 theme cards
  • 25 codex leaf cards
  • 3 boats
  • 3 action octagons
  • 1 time track marker
  • 5 follow tokens
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scorepad
  • 1 bag


Rulebook (PDF)

Alternative scoring rules:  These alternative scoring rules for Literary Device and Theme scoring may be easier for newer, younger, or more casual players to use while learning the game.


This game uses a cloth board.  Some fraying of the edges is normal, and should not impact gameplay in any way.  The image above shows the typical magnitude of this.  Although this should not worsen during normal use, some possible solutions can be found here.


BoardGameGeek’s Acts of the Evangelists page: A good place to view or post ratings, comments, reviews, session reports, or rules questions

Extra score sheets:  Printable PDF file with more score sheets

Historical Synopsis:  A short article on the historical background of the composition of the Gospels, including recommendations for further reading on the subject.  Possibly useful for extending the game as a homeschool or classroom lesson.


Additional information

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 9.25 × 6.25 × 1.75 in
Game Design

Jeff Warrender


Rebecca Good

Graphic Design

Florentyna Butler


Belltower Games