The Acts of the Evangelists Print-and-Play


In this competitive game, travel back to the 1st century Roman Empire to compose the texts that history will know as the Christian Gospels.  Journey to different cities and claim traditions about Jesus of Nazareth, and write them into the pages of your gospel, then interview the eyewitnesses to the stories to strengthen your text.  Combine eyewitness testimony, literary devices, and themes to score well and write the best gospel of all!


NOTE:  You are purchasing the files for a print-and-play game.  You will have to supply some additional components to be able to play the game, namely:

  • 1 pawn and four matching cubes for each player
  • 6 white cubes and 9 black cubes
  • 3 “boats”
  • 3 action tokens
  • 1 time track token
  • 5 follow tokens

The boats, action tokens, time track token, and follow tokens can be almost anything: cubes, coins, discs, whatever you happen to have lying around.

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