Lost Adventures

Grab your fedora and map, and become the protagonist in an adventure archaeology movie!  This family tabletop game captures the full cinematic sweep of a film in this genre, beginning with a map phase in which you’ll seek information about the lost temple, and then a temple phase where you pass through the temple’s perils to try to retrieve the artifact.  Contend with your opponents, and with the nefarious enemy agent, along the way, and take on hubris to get ahead, but be careful; too much hubris and your face will melt off!

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Game Components

Each copy of Lost Adventures includes:

  • 1 Board
  • 98 cards
  • 5 player meeples
  • 1 enemy agent pawn
  • 40 cubes
  • 1 notepad

What People Are Saying

“There is just something about this meek little game that has retained my attention. It’s soulful and does a great deal to modernize the German-style Euro of old, pairing sound mechanisms with a more modern artistic approach of capturing theme. Throw it on the table and it just delivers. ” — Charlie Theel, Player Elimination

Lost Adventures is a game with a strong story arc, driven by its two distinct phases and the way in which it builds tension”. — Selwyn Ward, Board’s Eye View

Lost Adventures is a very souped-up Clue for serious gamers who are also archaeology/adventure/treasure hunt movie buffs.  The theme draws you in, catches your eye, and makes for some fun, memorable moments, while the hidden information/search aspect takes Clue to a whole new level!”  — Rachel Carpenter, Herald’s Call

“This is a delightfully gamers game.  There is wonderful tension in every decision that has to be made and rarely is there one best option. The hidden info and the tension really captures the feel of the pulp fiction movie that’s being aimed for.” — Daniel Rodriguez, Board Game Geek

“The theme comes through with the board design, event cards and Temple Phase. I can’t think of a similar game, which I would say is a good sign of something unique you may want to experience. I enjoyed my time with it and would like to play it more. ” — Casey Holtz, Board Game Geek



Additional information

Dimensions 9.25 × 6.25 × 1.75 in

Jeff Warrender, Steve Sisk

Graphic Designer

Florentyna Butler